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Dive Rite Rec XT Wing



A hybrid wing, the Dive Rite Rec Series can be worn on single or double tanks making it one of our most popular wings. The XT cover option is even more rugged for harsh environment!

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Dive Rite Rec Wing – XT – Single Bladder

A hybrid wing, the Dive Rite Rec Series can be worn on single or double tanks making it one of our most popular wings. When diving single tanks, our Gusset Control System streamlines the wing, keeping it close to the body. This avoids the “taco” effect of the wing wrapping around the tank, away from the diver, which diminishes buoyancy control.

As a single bladder, the Rec Series has 45lbs/20.4 kg of lift and can accommodate two 85ft3/12 L back mounted cylinders. A two bladder option is also available to purchase, or the Premium Dive Team can assist with upgrading Rec Wings to dual bladder on request. Contact us for more information.

This XT version of the Rec Wing has a rugged SuperFabric® brand technology XT material cover that creates an armour-clad outer shell that is impervious to damaging pinches and cuts, with a 1680 ballistic nylon diver’s side panel. Inside the cover is a heavy-duty, 210 denier nylon laminated bladder.


Alternative Option:  This wing is also available in the less rugged, but still highly durable cover made from durable 1680 ballistic nylon EXP material.

If you’re unsure which wing or BCD System is best suited for your diving needs, talk to the Premium Dive Crew today – we are here to help!


Features and specifications
  • XT Model BC5300 has an outer bag is made of SuperFabric brand technology outer shell and 1680 ballistic nylon diver’s side panel.
  • Inner bladder is constructed from heavy-duty 210 denier nylon laminated bladder which is highly resistant to pinches and punctures
  • Urethane flanges are welded in place, which make it easy to switch out corrugated hoses and over pressurisation valves without tools.
  • Comes equipped with choice of 16-inch rapid exhaust (pull dump), 16-inch or 12-inch elbow along with either 15-inch, 22-inch or 27-inch low pressure inflation hose.
  • Two sets of two marine-grade 316 stainless steel grommet mounting holes are used to attach wing to harness and/or to double tanks and set diver trim.
  • Approximate dimensions uninflated: 24-in H x 23-in W (60.9cm x 58.4cm)
  • 3.12 lbs (1.41kg)
Optional Add-Ons & Accessories


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