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Cressi Big Eyes Evo Mask



A dynamic mask with perfect stability over the face with great comfort and adaptation capacity.


Cressi Big Eyes Evo Mask

Evo skirt with two silicone of different density to obtain an especially dynamic perfect stability over the face with a great comfort and adaptation capacity. The internal part of rigid silicone gives solidity and stability to the mask. The exterior profiles of a very, very soft reinforced silicone increasing thicknesses in key areas, especially the sides (critical area using very flexible compositions) and the contact area with the frame, provide an unparalleled comfort.

Exceptionally reduced frame structure that allows a great approach to the glasses without contact problems with the frame. So, the intern volume is reduced to the minimum and all frame vision is eliminated from the inside. Particularly studied structural rigidity of the central bridge to avoid losing the plane of the glasses due to an excess of tension of the strap that could cause optical distortions.

Tilting belts in all directions. They’re anchored to the frame for a perfect auto placement of the strap and to avoid possible breaks of the anchoring. This system provides greater visibility in real use, so the strap’s tension acts directly over the frame. It helps the mask stability to be perfect once it’s on the face because the strap doesn’t work over the skirt as in many models.

Option for optical lens.

Features and specifications
  • 100% pure silicone
  • Buckles with flexible anchoring swivel fully in every direction, and feature micro-adjustments using a button
  • Angled lenses which increase visibility by more than 30% over a traditional mask
  • Graduated lens options
  • Tempered glass for maximum visibility and clarity
  • If you purchase the crystal variation of this mask that means that it has been created with crystal silicone. The mask will be transparent and also has many benefits for reducing mask fogging
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